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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Searching for a Spy?

 Here are some links to articles to get you started on your spy research.

Tips for Your Research
1.       Research takes time and reading .
2.       Read and then write notes using a pen/pencil in your own words so you don’t plagiarize .
3.       Every article you use needs to be cited as a source .
4.       Every picture you use needs to be cited as a source.
5.       Look for dates and author names on articles you are reading.
6.       Try to find every fact on or in at least two other sources so you know you’re on the right track.
7.       If multiple websites have the same sentences word-for-word, they are not separate sources. They are copying the same article over and over like a retweet.
8.       When you are researching a person, make sure each article is about the same person. For instance, there are many notable people named Peggy Taylor.
9.       Stay focused and on task. When you are on a website, don’t click on sidebar articles about billionaire monkeys. You will finish your assignment faster if you keep working at it.

What search terms will you use?
Beware that ‘modern espionage’ will return articles about an episode of a tv show before articles about spies.
You may wish to use ‘spies’ and ‘espionage’ to see what kinds of articles you retrieve.
Once you find the name of a spy, you may want to do a search for information about that particular spy.

Word War I
International Encyclopedia of the First World War

Category:World War I spies
Wikipedia has a handy list of spies. Use the list wisely. Find more information about each spy on other websites too.

BBC News
World War One: Carl Lody - Edinburgh's WW1 spy

Mata Hari and Edith Cavell: Women, intrigue and WWI propaganda

The Telegraph
Revealed: New evidence that executed wartime nurse Edith Cavell's network was spying

Word War II
Spies and Secret Agents
This short article will give you background information about spies in WWII. Notice the list of spy agencies at the end of the article. You can search for each agency and get more information.

Soviet Spies
Spies Who Spilled Atomic Bomb Secrets
Spies discussed:
John Cairncross, Klaus Fuchs, Theodore Hall, Harry Gold, David Greenglass, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, and Lona Cohen.

List of spies in World War II
Wikipedia has a handy list of spies. Use the list wisely. Find more information about each spy on other websites too.

Sister Secret Agents in World War II Fought Alongside Men
Notice that the article is discussing a book but that it does give you information too.
Spies Discussed: Jaqueline and Eileen Nearne

The New York Times
Eileen Nearne, Wartime Spy, Dies at 89

Canadian Spies
Peggy Taylor
CBC News

WW2 spy always had her lipstick, revolver

Spy whose weapons included lipstick dead

William Stephenson
Global News
The quiet Canadian spymaster that inspired James Bond

The New York Times
William Stephenson, British Spy Known as Intrepid, Is Dead at 93

Spy Gadgets
How exploding rats went down a bomb - and helped British boffins win the second world war

Back to the Drawing Board — EXPLODING RATS!

Modern Spies
BBC News
US charges Russian spies over Yahoo breach

What are spies really like?

Spies Among Us: Modern-Day Espionage

Edward Snowden
Was Edward Snowden a Spy? The Answer Remains Classified

New York Post
Edward Snowden has the fingerprints of a foreign spy

Canadian Security Intelligence Service
Is this a spy agency?

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